Picture Prompt Wednesday

So originally I was going to get a prompt out of this book I have but when I was trying to write it felt forced. I’ve always found inspiration when looking at pictures so, I decided to find one and write something from it. It may or may not end up in one of my stories someday. Also the picture is not mine, I found it on Pinterest and included the Tumblr blog from where it’s from. I really enjoy doing these little exercises and flexing my creative muscles. Critiques are welcome 🙂

I’m wearing white. Is that disrespectful? Are my clothes offending you? Everyone is long gone so there’s no one here to say,

“Sorry for your loss.”

Even if they did, I don’t feel like I lost anything. If anything I feel free, free from you and free from them.

So why am I here, staring at your freshly dug grave while the rain trickles off my umbrella? I need to see it with my own eyes. I need to know that you are gone, seeing your name printed in the obituaries wasn’t enough for me.

You wouldn’t approve of the lipstick I’m wearing. I still hesitate when I do anything that was against your rules. But then I remind myself,

You are your own person. You don’t have to feel bad for enjoying “sinful” things.”

In other words, I don’t have to have to feel bad for enjoying life. I’ll be able to enjoy it even more now that you’re gone.

I walk up to the edge of your grave and feel my beige heels sink into the mud. I never gave much thought to what my last words would be to you. I wish I could leave with the same thing you left me, actually I take that back I don’t wish that on anyone, even you.

“You ready to go?”

I nod, turn away from you and walk into my new life.


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