Throwback Writing

Not feeling very creative. To be honest the closer it gets to my birthday, the more depressed I get. Still going to try and write everyday though. This time I’m going to post some old poems and write what I think about them now.


You take it from me and start running.

I run after you

Round and round we go

You like that I always chase after you

I can see the smile on your face.

Chasing after you until I’m practically out of breath.

And now I can’t breathe.

Everything becomes clear.

I stop as you keep running.

“I’m not chasing after you anymore!” I yell

I start walking away.

I don’t have to look back to know you’re smiling

Thinking to yourself oh yes you will

You always will


I actually like this poem a lot and this is hundred percent about me being tired of chasing after people. It really sucked having friendships that felt one sided and I think this poem really sums that up.


I plant my feet

Push off

Higher and higher

I’m at the top

I’m not scared though

I jump and land on my feet

The ground is soft (Playground)


Scrapped knees were a big problem

But it didn’t stop me from

Running down the sidewalk

Jumping off the swing

Riding my bike

I fell hard but

I got back up

My tears dried and I healed (scrapped knees)


These poem are a part of an idea I had a while ago where I wanted to write poems based off different stages in my life. These were based off my early childhood. I still like this idea and I might continue it. I might change the title of them though.


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