My head hurts and it’s hot as hell

The beginning of the week is my least favorite. I mean weekends really aren’t much different but there’s less time to think. During the week that’s all I do. I think about how I should have said this instead of that or I should have done this sooner instead of waiting so long.

See, too much time.

It’s hard to have a routine when you literally have nothing to wake up for or to. That sounds melodramatic, sorry what I meant was I don’t have a reason to get out of bed other than the fact that I should,

I’m fine once I’m going to classes because I get into a routine and everything is good. But once that routine is gone, I’m lost.

I NEED a reason to get out of bed or I won’t do it. And the longer I stay in bed the worse it gets. I know this but I can’t stop myself from being depressed. If I could I would. I mean duh, who wants to be depressed.

So today I was in bed most of the day. I managed to do some wash and work on the collage thing I was working on but I didn’t do enough to feel good.

The heat isn’t helping either, or the fact that I’m afraid to turn on my AC because when I took the thingy off I found a bee’s hive inside the grate box thing that my AC is in. I need the AC but I also don’t want a swarm of bees coming in my vent, ya know?

So I have my fan blowing directly on me but it’s only reaching half of my body. So my legs are cool but the top half of me is sweaty. Blehh.

I keep telling myself that I just have stay positive and remind myself of things i have to look forward to, but what happens when those things run out?

This was a depressing Monday. But at least it’s almost over.


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