Writing is hard

I’ve opened every story on my computer and re read them over and over but I never added anything new. I’ve looked at pictures for inspiration. Watched T.V shows. Read a book but every time I go to type, nothing wants to come out.

I feel like I want to write but then I don’t.

I’ve also been sick and that’s no fun.

The Deftones and Rise Against concert was awesome.

I went to Knobles which was fun too but when I got home I got hit with a flu/cold. It was hell having a fever at night and getting literally an hour or two of sleep every night. Then once the fever went away I was coughing non stop and now I still have a little cough and my chest still hurts from said coughing. Also sometimes my ear closes from being stuffed up.

So while I was in utter agony I decided to binge watch Lucifer which was a good way to spend my time. I finished both seasons and have come away with questions and a serious crush on Tom Ellis.

The good news about being sick was that I didn’t care that I didn’t have anything to do but now that I’m better I can feel depression coming back. Just gotta find things to look forward to again.

I started watching The Path and it’s okay but a little slow. I like the “cult” angle of the show. I’ve been interested in people in cults and what makes people join cults.

Back to writing being hard, maybe if I try writing with like pen and paper. Sometimes If I change the medium I can write more freely. Idk maybe I’ll try that.

I’m sure once classes start I’ll be full of ideas lol.

Anyway this has been a kinda stream of conciousness/ what’s on my mind post.


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